BID Services


You may realize that the 5th Avenue is looking cleaner, thanks to the cleaning crew from Atlantic Maintenance Corporation.

The Atlantic Maintenance Corporation has been providing maintenance services since the fall of 1991 to economic developmental entities such as business improvement districts, local development corporations, urban enterprise zones, and special improvement districts, throughout New York City and New Jersey.  The AMC makes every effort to recruit workers who reside near the work areas, which benefits the community the B.I.D. is located in and the employees’ travel distance and expense.

Effective May 1st 2007, the Bay Ridge 5th Avenue B.I.D. has recruited Atlantic Maintenance to provide workers to perform services (which entails sweeping and cleaning the sidewalks and curb areas 18″ into the street; bagging the refuse, changing garbage liners from trash receptacles, removal of graffiti and posters from street furniture, and in the event of snow, the removal of snow from pedestrian crosswalks and catch basins).

The cleaning crew (prominent in their blue coveralls and the BID logo) perform these services six days a week, eight hours a day, except for holidays.


Another prominent feature on 5th Avenue is the security car patrolling the boundaries of the Bay Ridge 5th Avenue B.I.D.  The service is provided by Bay Ridge Security Service, Inc. who covers additional areas in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  The security staff, by any means, does not replace the police.  He conducts a motor patrol of the area, observes and reports any unusual or suspicious activities to the proper authority.  He will attempt to discourage or prevent any unlawful acts, and using reasonable force, and judgment, detain any suspected offenders for the NYPD.